News Item БАИТ е партньор на “ТОП ИКТ РАБОТОДАТЕЛ“ 2014г.
Проектът “ТОП ИКТ РАБОТОДАТЕЛ“ се осъществява за трета поредна година като инициатива на JobTiger и ICT Media, член на БАИТ.
News Item Дигитален предприемач в България – защо не. ИКТ иновации в полза на предприемачеството
Събитието ще се проведе в рамките на европейския проект Watify, чийто изпълнител за България е БАИТ.
News Item БАИТ е партньор на ИТ и аутсорсинг бизнес форум “Outsourcing Destination Bulgaria”
Еднодневен бизнес форум „Outsourcing Destination Bulgaria“ ще се проведе на 30-ти октомври 2014 година във втория след столицата София притегателен център на инвестиции в най-динамично развиващия сектор на информационните технологии и аутсорсинг на бизнес процесите– град Пловдив.
News Item Започва регистрацията за конкурса „Наградите на БАИТ за 2014г.”
Кампанията и церемоните се провеждат под патронажа на Президента на Република България Росен Плевнелиев
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BAIT is a partner of the 3rd Annual World Intelligent Cities Summit and Exhibition(WICS 2014)

The event will take place in Conrad Istanbul Hotel, Turkey | 10 – 11 December 2014

The smart cities market is driven by the growth of smart energy, smart transportation, and smart security among other sub-markets. According to recent research, the overall smart

cities market—valued at $526.3 billion in 2011—is forecasted to grow two-fold to $1,023.4 billion by 2016.

Over 100 leading Turkish and international experts will speak at this high-profile business summit, during the keynote sessions and in-depth streams focusing on:

• ICT & Innovation • Energy & Renewables (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Waste to Energy, Water and Wastewater Infrastructure)

• Smart Grids and New Technologies • Smart Metering • Urban Transformation and Environment • Smart Transportation • Healtcare in Smart Citie

• Smart Tourism • Retail in Smart Cities • Electric Mobility • Telecommunications • Social Media and the City • Intelligent Buildings & Homes • Infrastructure • International Case Studies • Finance & Investmen

Bringing together government representatives, city officials, utilities, transport operators, developers, investors, contractors, solution providers, and international corporations, the

second annual World Intelligent Cities Summit will create an excellent platform to utilize cutting-edge technology, integrated urban planning approaches, and sustainable
methodologies to transform urban spaces into better places to live.
Who will you meet?
• Senior Government Officials and MPs • Municipalities • ICT Companies • Energy & Renewable Energy Companies • Waste Management Companies and Project Developers • Waste Water Management Companies and Project Developers• Public Agencies and Institutions • Financial Institutions, PEs, VCs and Banks • Telecommunication Companies • Smart Grid Project Developers, Investors • Construction Companies • Healtcare Sector • Tourism Sector • Smart Building and Housing Project Developers • Smart Transportation Systems Project Developers • Automotive Companies • Energy Management and Consulting Companies • City Planners and Architects • Associations, Unions, NGOs • Civil Society Organizations • Law Firms • Universities
To find out more details about the 3rd Annual World Intelligent Cities Summit (WICS) please visit the event website at www.wicsummit.com or call on +44 843 289 37 33 or email to info@eurasiastrategies.com.
The WICS 2014 will serve as a platform for all the stakeholders involved in smart cities to disseminate, share, and exchange information, make new collaborations, and
work together to discover and expand business opportunities.