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About BAIT

The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) is the biggest, most representative and influential branch organization in the field of information and communication technologies in Bulgaria. Established in 1995 by seven founder-member companies, there are 135 company members presently in it, the greatest part of which are leaders in the field of hardware, software, the system integration, telecommunications, Internet and other fields of the ICT market at the Bulgarian market.
The mission of BAIT is to protect the interests of its members by applying information technologies for priorities in the development of this country.
The Association is aiming to elaborate on the creation of a normal market background in Bulgaria and, in particular, in the field of information technologies, of transparency and equal positioning among the companies at the market, for a strict observation of laws, including from the part of the state administration. An important task for BAIT to do is to enable the optimal implementation of funds to be granted to Bulgaria by structural EU funds for the development of the information society in this country with the maximal participation of Bulgarian companies in this process. 
 BAIT is an active partner of the state and legislative authorities in the formation of a state policy in the sphere of information and communication technologies, and in order to achieve its goals it cooperates with other non-governmental branch and employers’ organizations.
BAIT is a member of the World Information Technologies and Services Alliance (WITSA) and of the European Information Technologies Association (EICTA), maintaining a prolific cooperation with a series of similar organizations in other countries, too. BAIT is a partner at the European Union on the program for business enhancing, Business Support Project (BSP), participating also in the project ‘Information Society Initiative for Southeastern Europe’ (ISIS) and in others.
BAIT is organizing the biggest specialized exhibition for information and communication technologies in Bulgaria BAIT EXPO, which in 2007 will cover 12 years since its establishment.