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BORICA AD is a joint stock company and its shareholders are 19 banks in the country. The company has developed and nowadays provides and operates the technology infrastructure of the Bulgarian payment industry. In doing so, BORICA has been a trusted partner of public sector, banks and payment institutions for over 35 years. The Company is committed to providing modern and innovative solutions to financial institutions. Its large portfolio comprises payment services (incl. Instant Payments), card services (incl. card management, production and authorization, ATM/POS management, e-commerce, switching, anti-fraud services), SWIFT Service Bureau, trust services (incl. remote e-identification and e-signature), infrastructure services, National Card and Payment Scheme. BORICA AD acts as a third party processor (TPP) for Mastercard and VISA. The Company is licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank to operate three payment systems (BORICA Payment system for card payments, BISERA 6 for credit transfers in domestic currency and BISERA 7 for SEPA credit transfers and direct debit in Euro).