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Veselin Malezanov
108 Nikola Gabrovski, str., Sofia
+359 2 491 80 40
Lukanet Ltd is a software company developing business managing platforms. The leading product is Barsy – a complex solution, combining software, hardware and other services for business management. Barsy is developed on Linux operating system and we use the internet as a main infrastructure. Our clients have 24/7 access to their data and can manage every business process in real time. With an easy to use interface Barsy helps our clients to optimize processes of sales, supplies, documents management, clients records, management reporting and others. It is already implemented in a wide variety of business types like bars, restaurants, store chains, offices and others. In addition to the core functionalities it can be extended to cover specific client needs. It also has an integrated e-shop platform that brings another stream of revenue to its clients. The majority of Lukanet’s clients are based Bulgaria and Romania. We target EU market expansion through partnerships.