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BAIT is a partner of Global Expansion Summit 2016, October 17 -18, London

The Global Expansion Summit is a two-day event in London, the UK for corporate executives and government officials to explore global expansion opportunities.

Dates: October 17-18, 2016 | Register here
Price: starting from £399 + VAT
Location: London, the United Kingdom

For corporate executives, the event is a platform to uncover advantageous markets and business partners to facilitate international expansion for their company.

The world-class conference programme will offer 80+ speakers covering a range of topics from the ICT, Finance, and Business Process Outsourcing sectors, and with a specific focus on Digital Transformation.

Recognising the global impact of technology in all aspects of modern societies, digital transformation has been placed at the heart of the show, with a deliberate focus on three key sectors:

  • ICT
  • Financial Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Join the event to network with corporate and government leaders from the biggest names in international business and foreign relations in two days. If you’re thinking of expanding, you’ll need to form these vital relationships – and what better place to start?

Conference programme

The conference spans two days, covering global expansion thought-leadership in the ICT, BPO, and Financial Services sectors.

Session topics include tax and regulation, the evolution of lending, smart cities and payments. Speakers come from a wealth of businesses with global expansion success stories including Uber, Cloud Employee, Citi, Travelex, Cisco and many more. We also have ministers and former ministers discussing the benefits of foreign direct investment and their own country’s success stories.

In addition to the conference, there is also a showcase stage in the Exhibition Hall hosting the IN3 programme. IN3 is Innovation | Investment | International stream in which the team works with startup incubators and accelerators for pitch presentations and fireside chats discussing how startups can partner with corporations and governments across the globe to exponentially grow their business.

Many more attractions will be waiting for you at Global Expansion Summit 2016:

  • Interactive Workshops  many workshops and roundtables will cover some of the more niche areas in global expansion.
  • Global Marketplace Exhibition – explore a ‘global marketplace’ exhibition of country pavilions and discover investment opportunities through our selection of stands, with experts on hand to showcase their country. Gain valuable one-on-one information and advice about the key sectors and reasons to invest in different markets across the world.
  • Relevant networking – Networking pavilions allow for impromptu meetings over coffee, lunch and evening drinks. Simply find relevant attendees through our mobile app and arrange to meet with them, at the touch of a button. As we offer a high-level delegation, it is a prime opportunity to connect with senior government and corporate decision makers who are actively involved in FDI in the Finance, IT and BPO sectors.
  • Bespoke meetings in a prime location  “Concierge-style” meeting facilitation, private networking opportunities, bespoke meeting suites and open zones. Meet with relevant organisations and ministers, and conduct business deals, all in the beautiful surroundings of the Intercontinental O2 by the Thames River in North Greenwich
    London has more than 40,000 digital tech businesses and growing, which employ more than 200,000 people. It also the world’s highest concentration of global financial institutions and the largest FinTech industry worldwide. Meet the right people in this city.
  • Maximise your ROI in the business hub of Europe – if you want to meet relevant corporate decision makers and governments across the ICT, BPO and Finance sectors to discuss the expansion of your business, it can be expensive, difficult and time-consuming to travel the globe to do so. Join the international delegation descending on London this October at the Global Expansion Summit and maximise ROI to take your business abroad.



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