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Mr. Boyan Boichev was unanimously elected member of the Managing Board and Vice-Chairman of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (AICB)

The Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria has a new Managing Board The Chairman of the Managing Board of BAIT, Boyan Boichev, sets the cooperation between the two organizations at a new level

Sofia, December 12, 2008. The Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) Mr. Boyan Boichev was unanimously elected member of the Managing Board and Vice-Chairman of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (AICB) at the regular annual General Assembly of the AICB which took place on 11.12.2008 in the capital city. Mr. Vassil Velev, who is one of the founders of the Association, was re-elected Chairman of the AICB.


The election of Mr. Boichev is one more appreciation of the authority and influence of BAIT as the biggest and most representative branch organization in the sector of the information and communication technologies.


The decision of the General Assembly comes, too, as an estimation for the fruitful cooperation between the two associations, as BAIT has been a joint AICB member for five years now. It is also an evidence for the understanding which AICB shows in its policy and activity for the importance and leading role of the information technologies as the engine for the overall economic development of this country.


The election of a BAIT representative for the position of AICB vice-chairman of the Managing Board raises to a new higher level the relations between the two organizations. Through this act BAIT acquires wider and more substantial capacities to assert and imply its policy for the development of the information society and more specifically of the Bulgarian ICT industry and market by the positions and influence pertaining to the second in size and nationally represented employers organization, AICB.




AICB is founded in 1996 and since 2004 it has been nationally renown as a representative employers organization. The Association represents the interests of more than 50 holding and investment companies, 15 branch chambers, over 1,200 industrial enterprises. Its representatives take part in the operation of all authorities, built up on the triple principle, among which there are: the National Council for Three-Sided Cooperation, The Economy and Social Council, the Economic Growth Council, the Tax Policy Council with the Financial Minister and a series of other authority bodies as well as in the managing boards of important institutions for the functioning of the economy and the state in general.


AICB is a member of the International Employers Organization and is represented at the European Economy and Social Committee, expressing standpoints in the process of the EU economic and social policy formation. AICB participates at the European Social Fund and the Fund Ad Hoc Group meetings, providing thus to its members a more detailed information on any option for financial funds acquisition from the European Social Fund. AICB is a full-fledged member of the European Union of the public companies organizations and of other international organizations.


AICB is a member of the Organization of the Bulgarian Employers Association (OBEA) – a unifying factor of the nationally represented employers organizations in this country, and during 2008 is its chairman on a rotation principle.

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