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Regular General Assembly of BAIT on the 23rd of July 2009

The Managing Board of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) summons a regular General Assembly on the 23.07.2009 (Thursday) from 4:00 P.M. in the building of the International Exhibition Center, 147-Tzarigradsko Shosse blvd., Rodopi Hall.

The Managing Board of BAIT proposes the General Assembly to proceed on the Agenda as follows:

1. Report of the activity of the Managing Board of BAIT for the recent term.
2. Discussion and acceptance of the amendments in BAIT Statute.
3. Election of new managing bodies of BAIT:
– BAIT Managing Board.
– Control Board.
4. Proposals for changing BAIT membership fee.
5. Miscellaneous.

In case of lack of quorum, on the legal grounds of Article 27 from the NGO Act, the Assembly will be held on the same day starting from 5:00 P.M. at the same place and on the same Agenda.

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