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The Bulgarian ICT representative Organizations ASTEL, BAIT, BASSCOM, the Bulgarian Web Associations, ICT Cluster and AEC signed Memorandum for cooperation on the 22nd of April, 2009

Guided by the understanding that the fast increasing implementation of the information and communication technologies (ICT) in all the spheres of public life is creating conditions for a better management of this country, aiming to increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian companies and for improving life quality of Bulgarian citizens in conformity to the universal goal of the European Union member countries to form a society of Information, the Bulgarian ICT representative Organizations ASTEL, BAIT, BASSCOM, the Bulgarian Web Associations, ICT Cluster and AEC (Association for Electronic Communications)


1. To work actively for the accelerated development of the information and communication technologies in this country, for their more substatial and effective application into the givernment of this country by way of creating and implementing those state policies which provide the Bulgarian economy and ICT sector a stable development.

2. To work actively for the improvement of the educational system in this country by way of implementing the IC technologies into the process of training and professional qualification. To work actively for the realization of the program for building up  adequate IT skills and know-how in people as part of the overall measures of national competitiveness.

3. To work together for the creation of the normative and legislative basis aiming to provide public-and-private partnership. To come to the agreement that the public-and-private partnerships present an opportunity by way of uniting the efforts of both private business and public state to realize public projects, completely or partly private business subsidized with subsequent exploitation to follow which gives an opportunity to compensate for the lack of any business interest in the development of certain specific regionsindustries technologies.

4. The sides, guided by the necessity to improve the efficiency of public expenses, will work jointly for the implementation of a systematic approach aiming to coordinate the meaningful ICT projects and to substantially increase the share of the public services provided by the private sector.

5. To work actively the development and realization of the intellectual potential of Bulgaria. In relation to the aforesaid, to undertake joint measures in order to stimulate the ICT trainees and to develop plans for long term ICT projects which will motivate people  to work and perform creatively in this country.

6. The sides will work for the creation of an adequate pack of measures – legislative, economic, financial aiming to establish favorable conditions for the innovations and their industrialization.

7. In the conditions of a global crisis of trust and collapse of the world financial system, all sides will work for the recognition of the brand of Bulgaria as a trustworthy and reliable member of the European Union, as a first grade business partner and a regional center of innovations and sustainable development.

The Bulgarian ICT sector representatives are ready to form experts commissions or any other  bodies for joint operation, aiming to formulate and implement the above principles as basic priorities of management, monitoring and participation in their subsequent realization.

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